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Supporting STEM Education in Northern New Mexico

Thank You For Your Interest in Volunteering!

Please review our handbook and then complete the Application.pdf

Please send an email to: volunteer@bradburyassociation.org and attach the application .pdf.

If you are looking for a paid position in the store, please contact the Gadgets Manager at gadgets@bradburyassociation.org.

Volunteer Handbook

BSMA Volunteer Application and Background Check Consent Forms

If you do not wish to include your Social Security number and license information on the application, we can take this information over the phone when we contact you.

As a volunteer you will have the opportunity to:

  • Share Your Knowledge and Teach Young Minds
  • Be a Museum Docent
  • Write Grant Applications
  • Be a Fund-Raiser
  • Work at the Museum Store
Thank you for your interest!

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The Bradbury Science Museum Association supports and inspires learners of all ages in Northern New Mexico and beyond through STEM Education.

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